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We are a society of medical cannabis patients, growers, processors and industry leaders that work together to bring patients and other Canadians the best possible medical cannabis products available on the market today. 

We provide world class medical cannabis products and solutions. Our focus is to provide patients and people in need of medical cannabis the proper support and products they need. Our growers, suppliers, and colleagues all adhere to the highest quality assurance standards and ethical growing practices.

We support the continued legalization of cannabis products in Canada and around the world and strive to be industry leaders.

As pioneers in the cannabis industry, our goal has always been to provide our customers with information and education so that they can make the best informed decision for their own cannabis needs. We are patient, compassionate, and want every customer who comes through our doors to have a positive and empowered experience.

Please volunteer, educate, organize, vote and speak up for the rights of yours and others to use and have access to cannabis products. 

Together, we can be the “True North, Strong and Free”.

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